I’m Not Usually a Rainbow Kind of Guy

    I’m like everyone else. I like to see a real rainbow. It’s a wonderful symbol from the Great Flood in Genesis chapter nine that speaks of God’s promise to protect and preserve His people.
    While I love a real rainbow, you won’t see any painted unicorns galloping through a multi colored arch in my office or at my house. As far as decorations go, it’s not for me. And that would probably be the case even if the symbol had not been hijacked by those promoting an unbiblical lifestyle.
    But when it comes to God’s rainbows, I love them. The other day, I saw the most unique one I had ever seen. And if you saw it and told me about it, I’d probably wonder if that is really what you saw. But look at the picture for yourself and you’ll see, I’m not making it up.

    My wife and I flew on Wednesday to visit my brothers for a couple of days in Nevada. While waiting in the plane, my thoughts began to be filled with church and family related plans and concerns. Along with great responsibility comes great concern, and my mind can sometimes get overwhelmed. We took off and as I always do, I watched out the window (have never lost the thrill of flying). As we broke through the heavy cloud cover and into the sunlight, I looked down to the clouds below and I couldn’t believe what I saw: a perfectly round circular rainbow. It was something I had never seen before, but that’s not all. Right in the middle of the inside of this rainbow circle was the shadow of our plane reflecting on the cloud below. I sat there staring at it, and it stayed in view, just as the picture shows, for several minutes.
    It seemed as though God was reminding me that I am surrounded by His promises. The concerns that were flooding my mind would never flood my world! “Let it go! Trust me. I’m here and I’ll always be here, and if you honor me, I’ll take care of you!”
    And that’s exactly what Jesus promised in Matthew 6:33, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”
    I didn’t need to see a rainbow to remember that. But it sure helped!

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