Are The Side Effects Worth the Cure?

    I read a spoof article today, announcing a new drug that is supposedly now on the market, promising a cure for the common cold. Within 6 hours, all cold symptoms will be gone and the underlying virus will be eradicated. A spokesperson for the company was quoted as saying, “We’re excited and happy to do the public some good.” But then the article went on to explain that as with all medications, there are some side effects. Here are some associated with this new miracle drug:

  • Head and body hair self-igniting
  • Vomiting while sleeping
  • Toe-nails, finger-nails, and skin falling off
  • Urge to throw boss out the window
  • Inability to determine left from right
  • Craving for fried guinea pig

    But the article closes with, “But your cold will be gone!”
    Hahahaha! Sometimes the trade-off is not worth it. Yes, you can manipulate situations and often ultimately get the things you are sure you must have. But will it be worth it?
    Will having a husband or wife be worthwhile if you have to ignore Scripture and marry a non-Christian to get one? Not five years down the road! Will overseeing a thriving business be all that great if you have to sacrifice principles, or your family, in order to make it happen? Will having an academic scholarship really be worthwhile if you have to compromise your integrity and cheat on a few tests in order to get those grades?
    Maybe the side effects of some of these manipulations should be published. If they were, what would they be?

  • Inability to sleep
  • Weighted down with guilt
  • Kids who have nothing to do with you
  • Struggle to look people in the eye
  • Loss of ability to determine right from wrong
  • Forfeiture of reputation

    We could name many more.
    Temptation is like the above spoof. It always promises something good. But when you get whatever that good is, you’ll wish you were dead!
    It just isn’t worth it. God knows best. He knows you better than you know yourself. He knows what will bring you up and what will bring you down. Doing things His way will always be better. Manipulating situations and doing things outside of God’s boundaries will always hurt us in the end. And the side effects of following His principles are even better than the end result!
    Do it God’s way!

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