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Anyone Else Hate Molded Plastic Packages?

My wife was pretty frustrated while trying to open one of those impossible clear molded plastic packages, “I wonder how many people wind up with stitches from these stupid plastic packages. I’ll bet the emergency room is full of injured people at Christmastime.” I didn’t blame her for being frustrated. I avoid buying anything packaged […]

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Is Thanksgiving Christian?

Is Thanksgiving a Christian holiday? That depends on how you celebrate it. There’s nothing Christian about gluttony. While I love football, and a lot of committed Christians will be playing in the traditional Thanksgiving games, there’s nothing Christian about football per se. Just having the day off and getting together with a big group of […]

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Christian Meditation

Is Meditation even Christian? Isn’t that like a Hindu or Buddhist thing? Meditation in eastern mystical religions focus on emptying the mind. Christian meditation is altogether different. The Bible encourages meditation as a filling of the mind with the Word of God. Joshua instructed God’s people to “meditate day and night” on His Word (Joshua […]

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Christians and Marriage Law

I’m being asked a lot of questions regarding  the change in Illinois law allowing for same-sex marriage.  Some are wondering if the Bible says anything about the subject, and if so, what. Others are expressing their concern for the disintegration of traditional marriage. Some are upset that the church is not doing enough to preserve Biblical […]

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