Some Things You Don’t Need to Pray About

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Linda and I gave our kids a lot of leeway to make their own decisions. But there were some things, depending on their age, that we just told them they had to do. Other things they could ask our advice about, but we’d let them decide. But when it came to obedience, there was no need for advice. They just needed to do as we said.

When they were little, bedtime was 8:30. Our kids never came to us at 8:30 and asked, “What do you think, Dad? Think I should go to bed or should I stay up?” They didn’t need advice about that, and we weren’t about to give any. They were just to obey.

There are some things that you just don’t need to pray about.

God loves it when we come to him and ask for his guidance. And while he gives us a lot of latitude to make our own decisions and enjoys guiding us while letting us decide for ourselves, he has given us some commands and all we need to do about those is obey.

I don’t need to pray about whether or not I worship idols, take God’s name in vain, or commit adultery. God was pretty clear about these things. Praying about matters of obedience is pointless.

Baptism is one of those things.

I asked someone, “Are you getting baptized this weekend?”

“I’m praying about it.”

I said, “That’s pretty pointless.” I hope I wasn’t offensive. But praying about something God already told us he wants us to do is like my kids asking me for advice about whether or not they should go to school. No advice necessary or given. And I think God is a bit incredulous about our sincerity when we claim to be “praying” about getting baptized.

His answer, “Are you going to obey me or not?”

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  1. Linda Geant May 4, 2014 at 10:40 am #

    Happy Sunday Pastor Scott !
    I know you respect Dr Charles Stanley. Along the lines of your messages of Parenting, which are very helpful, Stanley’s message today May 3rd is on parenting and also has some good insights I thought you’d appreciate.
    Thank you for your loving care of us!

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