What Gift For Jesus?


My wife is the creative one. Every Christmas she brings to our family a new and often creative idea for focusing on Jesus at Christmas in a special way.

We do many of the traditional Christmas practices. We decorate a tree (often the day after Thanksgiving), put up a some lights outside and greenery inside. We wrap a few and simple gifts and exchange them Christmas Eve. Because Christmas Eve is an all day work day for me, We have Christmas Eve brunch and later have light but nice food afterward. And of course, Christmas Eve services is central for us…but it would be even if it wasn’t my job.

This year, Linda said, “Scott, I’ve been thinking a lot about the gifts the Magi brought Jesus. I know we’ve done some projects in the past, but I have an idea for this year (shock!). I’d like all of us to write on a slip of paper something we believe that Jesus would want us to give to him, put it in an envelope, and then next year on Christmas Eve, open those envelopes and talk about how we gave this to Jesus.”

“Another great idea!” I thought. Then there was a sudden tinge in my conscience. There was something that I knew Jesus wanted from me, and I knew that this was the time to give it to him. I won’t share it with you, that would ruin the concept. But it’s going to take a lot of attention and work on my part, and it will probably take the year.

What does Jesus want for his birthday from you this year? Do you have to think long and hard about it? Or does something come to mind right away. You’ve already given a lot of thought and even had anxiety over your list of people to give gifts to and what those gifts will be. What about Jesus? What have you been holding back? What have you been keeping for yourself?

This could be one of your best Christmases ever. Not because it snowed (it won’t). Not even because you are surrounded by family or friends (which is good). But because you gave the perfect gift…something to Jesus that you know that he wants.

Next Christmas Eve, go ahead and ask me what my gift was and whether or not it really came through. And I’ll follow up with the same question for you. 

Merry Christmas!


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