Why The Bridge Randhurst?


We are now two years into this project. It started with our merge with Prospect Heights Christian Church and the decision to plant a new Bridge campus where Prospect Christian was located. Then came plans to replace the old and very small building with a new facility that would maximize that property. Then came Beyond, our capital campaign designed to jump start the project with necessary equity. And many of you have sacrificially given your hard-earned money into Beyond to see this expansion come to fruition.

All in all, we’ve poured a tremendous amount of energy and resources into this project. But why? Why add another campus?

It’s not about The Bridge brand. We praise God for every church that is reaching its community with the Gospel. We have no presumption of our own superiority. There are many good churches in the northwest suburbs and we love those ministries, learn whatever we can from them, and pray for their success.

It’s not about The Bridge at all. It’s about the Gospel.

About four years ago, we recognized that our Des Plaines location would be approaching a growth lid, with very limited parking on site. A number of people walk 2 blocks to come to one of our weekend services. We recognize, as a church obsessed with reaching unchurched people for Jesus, that lid is a problem. We did not want to abandon the neighborhood that we are reaching by relocating, but knew we needed to do something. After months of prayerful discussion, we arrived at a plan to continue reaching our Des Plaines neighborhood, and at the same time, duplicate this ministry and place it in new neighborhoods where we already have people attending. It was not long after that realization that the Lord brought to us this opportunity in Prospect Heights, right across from Randhurst Mall.

This is about reaching a new neighborhood with the Gospel, and blessing the people surrounding Randhurst with an effective local church.

As you are considering your place in this undertaking, please remember what the church is for. Jesus told us it was to make disciples. I know that change can be painful. If you live closer to Randhurst than to Thacker Street, it might be difficult to pull yourself away from the place that is so special to you, and begin serving at a new location. But remember this, we will be one church in two locations. Just as we added a second service, then a third and a Spanish service, then a service on Saturday evening, we didn’t divide from our friends or separate as a church. We remained one church. And with the addition of a second campus, think of it this way, we are merely adding two more services, but in a different location. We will be one church, with six services, in two locations. And doubling our ability to reach more people with the message of Jesus!

That’s why we are doing this. And we invite you to be on the ground floor of this endeavor, and make memories that you will treasure for the rest of your life!

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