It Works!


A couple of months ago, we talked about the message of the church, and how to concisely share the Gospel so that people can understand and respond. I gave four points to help guide conversations:
•   God’s Love (John 3:16)
•   Your Sin (Romans 3:23)
•   God’s Son (Romans 5:8)
•   Your Decision (Romans 10:9-13)

Then last weekend, Junior brought a message from Acts 22 on sharing your God-story. From Paul’s own practice of sharing his, we learned the three elements of a Christian testimony:
•   Your life before coming to faith in Jesus
•   How you came to faith in Jesus
•   Your life after coming to faith in Jesus

Of course, the goal of every sermon is that we learn and apply. God’s truth changes us, but only when we put it into practice. So I taught on how to share the Gospel with the hope that you, the church, will share the Gospel. Junior taught on how to share your story with the goal of you sharing your story.

This last week I received two very encouraging emails about our own members who have been putting these lessons into action. One was a member who shared her God-story within a few hours after the sermon last week, with a friend she had not seen in quite some time, and it made an obvious impact.

The second email came from a woman who has been sharing the four points of the Gospel repeatedly with wonderful results. She even took a picture of the notes that one person listening to her wrote down.

If you become conscious of the souls around you every day, people who will spend eternity somewhere, and you pray and ask God to give you opportunities to share and the right words to use, you’ll quickly find that the Gospel works. It has worked for over two millennia. Our Lord is in the business of saving lost souls and he wants to use you to do it!

The Gospel works. Work it!


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