What Matters To God

There is no such thing as a mature Christian who does not actively love in tangible ways. I’ve known older Christians who carried big Bibles who were full of knowledge, but were sour, legalistic and selfish. But they weren’t mature Christians. And the faith that they claimed to have was not real, Biblical, Jesus-pleasing kind […]

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First Time Obedience

When our kids were little, we used to have a simple phrase that reminded them of our expectation, “first time obedience.” We’d say it when they seemed to be delaying their response to us. For example, if Linda said, “Kids, turn the video off and come to the table for supper,” and they did not […]

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How to Forget 2017

2017 might have been a great year for some, but for others, it was a year to forget. Some of you went through a painful divorce this last year. Some of you lost your job. Others had relationship failures, family drama, personal defeats and health challenges. For some, this was a year that you want […]

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Holiday Stress

Christmas is supposed to be a wonderful time of the year. So how come you are so stressed? You can be at peace this Christmas and you can find that peace now, so that you actually enjoy Christmas this year. It’s not complicated. I’ve got three simple steps for you. Take these steps seriously, and […]

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Nicholas of Myra?

Every year around this time I get questions from parents asking, “What did you tell your kids about Santa?” Some are very adamant: “Santa Claus is a replacement of Jesus in this secularized society and just another way of spreading the materialism of this age.” Others see the fable as harmless, delightful fantasy: “I believed […]

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Gratitude To Greed

I love Thanksgiving and wish I could enjoy it, but the merchandisers want us thinking about Christmas. The truth is, if we lived out Thanksgiving daily, we’d all be a lot happier. Grateful people are happy people. Greedy people are not. But for some reason, even though we all say that we hate the merchandising […]

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Broken Hearted

There are days, and sometimes weeks, when disappointing circumstances can seem overwhelming. You feel like you are barely keeping your emotional head above the water and then you see a giant wave approaching. For some reason, hard times come in blasts, not trickles. A broken relationship, trouble at work, health issues, money problems…they seem to […]

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Having pastored for 30+ years, I’m not surprised by the viral #metoo from weeks ago. I know the rape culture is real. Sexual harassment is a nearly everyday occurrence for some and sexual assault is far too common. You would probably be shocked to know the numbers of people sitting in our church, week after […]

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