Broken Hearted

There are days, and sometimes weeks, when disappointing circumstances can seem overwhelming. You feel like you are barely keeping your emotional head above the water and then you see a giant wave approaching. For some reason, hard times come in blasts, not trickles. A broken relationship, trouble at work, health issues, money problems…they seem to […]

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Having pastored for 30+ years, I’m not surprised by the viral #metoo from weeks ago. I know the rape culture is real. Sexual harassment is a nearly everyday occurrence for some and sexual assault is far too common. You would probably be shocked to know the numbers of people sitting in our church, week after […]

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Faith and Doubt

“I have doubts. Does that mean I don’t have faith?” I’ve been asked that question dozens of times. There’s a great story about this in the Gospel of Mark. A man asks Jesus to help him with his son. He explains that he had already sought help from Jesus’ disciples but that they were not […]

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The Best Appreciation

Many of us pastors struggle with pastor appreciation month. We are extremely grateful for the words and kind gestures we receive from people we love dearly. But we are already in the spotlight so much, being on stage on the weekends, that most of us would rather deflect the attention. After all, it’s really the […]

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It Works!

A couple of months ago, we talked about the message of the church, and how to concisely share the Gospel so that people can understand and respond. I gave four points to help guide conversations: •   God’s Love (John 3:16) •   Your Sin (Romans 3:23) •   God’s Son (Romans 5:8) •   […]

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Christian Disagreement

Good Christians disagree about controversial things. We certainly have seen that in recent years regarding a lot of topics. I take it more seriously when the Bible speaks clearly into the matter, but there are a lot of issues that Christians debate and argue over, where the Scripture gives principles to guide, but people on […]

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Dead In Church

A couple of years ago, my daughter Erica and I were in Guatamala and while there, visited an interesting church in the city of Antigua. We enjoyed the service. It was alive and reaching a lot of people. It reminded me of The Bridge in many ways, except I couldn’t understand most of what was […]

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