You Have To Do This If You Want to Grow

    Several years ago, one of our newer office assistants complained that her computer shut down and wouldn’t turn back on. I was the resident “go-to” for tech issues, so I asked, “What happened when it shut down?”
    “I dropped my mouse,” she said.
    That normally wouldn’t turn off a computer, so I assumed something else had happened. “Check all the wires behind the computer and try turning it on again.” She did, and it didn’t respond.
    “Where did you drop your mouse?” I asked.
    “Right here, where the wires feed behind the desk.” I looked underneath, and sure enough…when she dropped the mouse it landed on the power button on the power strip. The computer wouldn’t turn on because there was no power feeding it.
    “Nice shot.”
    I guess that is the standard joke among tech support people (we have quite a few in our church). They are often called for “silly problems” that often amount to the plug not being inserted, or the power button being off. It is pretty elementary to know that there needs to be power to an electronic device for it to work, whether wired or battery.
    Are you plugged in? Do you keep your battery charged?
    I’ve been a follower of Jesus for thirty-five years. In that time, if there is one thing that I have learned about living the Christian life, it is that I need constant input from the power source. If I’m not “plugged in” and “recharged” daily, I struggle. Any growth that has ever taken place in my faith has been in some way related to my time alone with God, reading his word and applying it to my life, and talking to God, asking for his help in my life and for others. When I’m doing that…maintaining a daily personal quiet time, I’m growing spiritually. When I’m not, I’m not.
    Do you have a time like that? Do you make the time every day to read God’s Word and to pray specifically? I challenge you, make the commitment to get started. It will change your life in so many ways!
    Maybe you don’t know where to start. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make an appointment with God and get it on your calendar. Same time every day (20-30 minutes)
  • Pick a book and read, reread, and reread again. (Start in the New Testament, i.e. John)
  • Log in a journal just a few things that you learn and can apply
  • Start a prayer list for personal requests, family & friends, church

    Personal time with God is our being plugged into the power supply. Or think of it as the daily charge to your battery. Life drains us. Time with God recharges us. And when you consistently make the time to be alone with Him, it’s amazing how you sense His presence throughout the rest of the day.
    Go ahead. Get your calendar out and schedule it now!

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