One More Blog on the Sanford Case

    I know you are tired of the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin case, and you’ve read your fill of blog opinions. I have too. But how about a different view from a Christian perspective.
    I’m not writing this to convince anyone of Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence, or whether or not Trayvon Martin was the aggressor or innocent victim. I didn’t watch the trial so I don’t have an opinion on the outcome, or even a right to that kind of judgement…I didn’t hear all the arguments or weigh all the evidence. I also think that neither do those who have strong opinions on both sides, unless they heard everything that the jury heard. I also was not on the scene of the crime, or fight, or whatever it was, and neither were you. None of us know exactly what happened for certain, and none of us know what was in the mind of either Zimmerman or Trayvon when this horrible tragedy took place.
    Let’s first remember that this is not an isolated incident. It is interesting how periodically, an event hits the news fan as though it is entirely unique, and then it gets talked about every day, hour upon hour, on every news and talk show, in every newspaper, magazine, and blog opinion, convincing us that what is being discussed is an unparalleled set of circumstances. Any time a person’s life is taken, it is a horrible, horrible tragedy. And the sad truth is, every day innocent people are murdered. Every day, someone claims self-defense as a reason for shooting another person. Whites, blacks, hispanics, asians, etc. are violent within their demographic and with those of other races. Sometimes it’s solely about race and sometimes it’s not. It’s a horrible thing, but these terrible tragedies happen all the time.
    Because we are a race of sinners. That’s why Jesus gave his life for us.
    And I don’t mean to oversimplify something that is both complicated and tragic. I’m not in the position to find a solution to every complex human controversy, and it would be arrogant for me to think I am, and foolish for me to try. But that’s what a lot of people, maybe you included, are trying to do with the shooting and court case in Florida. Everyone has an opinion, and most are strong. But no one really knows what happened. Their rush to judgement either way is an expression of arrogance and foolishness.
    Instead, wouldn’t it be a lot more productive for all of us to focus on the things we do know about, and the circumstances we do have control over? We all see and hear racism right here in our immediate circles. Shouldn’t we be battling it here, when we hear our friends, coworkers and family members spewing hatred and judgmentalism? Your opinion will do nothing for what happened in Florida, but it may with your coworker who makes those derogatory comments. Your judgement on Zimmerman’s or Trayvon’s state of mind is probably both inaccurate as well as ineffective to accomplish any good. But challenging talk of violence, bigotry or dogmatism in your sphere of influence may. If every Christian who is up-in-arms on either side of this Florida issue would simply be Jesus (both in kindness and loving confrontation) to the people around them, most of the racial division we see illustrated in this controversy would be defused. We Christians have a lot of power to make those kinds of changes just by being genuine Christians in all situations within our circles of influence.
    So, if you are a follower of Jesus, follow him here and now. Love others no matter what, and challenge them to make their way back to God.

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