You Are NOT Invited

    Social media has changed a lot of things. Many of us try to fight it, but it is here to stay. And for those under 40, it is the way communication happens. If there is a party, it’s promoted on social media. In a number of circles, even wedding invitations go out online.
    This last week I read about a trend influenced by social media, that has taken a surprising “traditional” turn. Evidently, because so many wedding invitations were going out on Facebook, etc., people were receiving them who were not supposed to be invited. One wedding party had twice the number of intended guests at their reception because some had mistakenly thought they were invited on Facebook.
    So a new trend has now emerged. Couples are actually sending out formal “You Are Not Invited” cards via traditional mail. I’m not kidding. Could you imagine getting a wedding announcement telling you NOT to come? They try to put it as nicely as possible. Here’s one example:

“We’ve had to be pretty brutal in chopping down our guest list. I’m so sad that you won’t be there with us on the day, but we look forward to catching up afterwards!”

    Nice or not, there would be a kind of “sting” of rejection accompanying such a card, no matter how decorative the stock that it is written on is.
    Well, there is a wedding coming up that you can know you will not receive such a notice. In fact, you have been invited, and so have your friends, co-workers and relatives. Jesus is planning a wedding reception in heaven for all those who will join him. It’s called, “The Marriage Feast of The Lamb.” And Jesus wants you there, along with anyone you can bring. Here’s what he said, “Go out to the street corners and invite everyone you see” (Matthew 22:9 NLT).
    Rejection is a reality we have to face in this life. But for the next…eternal life, you need not. Jesus invites you to come. He’s not rejecting you. Please, don’t reject him!

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