Something’s Missing

Missing Screen

Life is good. You’ve got more than enough to eat. You have reliable transportation, more than what could be said for most people in the world. You have good shelter with central heat and air. You’ve got a decent job. You have family and friends. And you have lots of toys…electronic gadgets up the wazoo.

But something’s missing.

You can’t quite put your finger on it. It’s not that you are never happy. Sometimes you are. But it doesn’t last. There’s just something missing.

What is it?

Solomon had that struggle. He knew there was no reason for him not to be happy. He had money, sex, and power. Too much of it all, in fact.

But something was missing.

He wrote a book that is included now in the Jewish Torah and the Christian Old Testament called, “Ecclesiastes.” It’s all about that very struggle, his quest for happiness. In Ecclesiastes, we find that he tried to pour himself into everything he could in order to find meaning in life, that elusive happiness.

When I say, “all”, I mean all. He did try it all. Pleasure, work, women, money, thrills, friends, parties, things. You name it, he tried it. And he wrote about the emptiness he felt after each of his futile attempts in that book. It isn’t until the end that he presents the one answer he had been ignoring all along.

That’s what we will be studying for the next four weeks at The Bridge: Something’s Missing: The elusive nature of happiness.

But it won’t be an empty or futile quest. We’re looking for the answer, the real one…the solution. And it is there.

I hope you join us.


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