Some Solutions Make It Worse


James Manning needed to get to court for a hearing on drug related charges. If he didn’t show, there’d be a warrant out for his arrest. But he didn’t have a way to get there.

His solution? Steal a car.

He and his wife, Teresa, stole a car from a used car lot and headed to the courthouse. While he was standing before the judge, the dealership used a GPS tracking device to locate their missing vehicle. Police showed up and Mr. Manning ended up with some serious jail time. Only now his wife was an accomplice and she was arrested as well.

So much for their solution.

Not all solutions are real solutions. Sometimes, we compound our problems when we scheme and manipulate to get around or attempt to eliminate them. For a problem to be solved, you have to find a real solution.

Not like my friend who swerved to avoid a squirrel and totaled his car, ending up in the hospital. Or the guy I knew who broke his expensive bay window swatting a bee.

When it comes to relationship problems, our solutions often compound the issues. Some attempt to solve tension by fighting it out, creating more damage and hurt. Others try ignoring issues and just avoid uncomfortable conversations. They lose out on intimacy and genuine closeness.

Biblical solutions focus on the heart of the problem. When there is offense, it needs to be confessed without blame or excuse. When there are honest disagreements, they need to be talked through with humility and respect. 

What kind of a problem are you attempting to solve? Is your solution really a solution, or might it be likely to create more problems down the road? 

God’s way through trouble isn’t usually the easiest answer. But it brings lasting resolution in a way that will honor him and be best for his people.

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