Elections Have Consequences


Maybe you remember President Obama saying that shortly after he came into office. I did listen to his speech on Wednesday after the Republican wave in the House and Senate, but I didn’t hear him reiterate those words. 🙂

But elections do have consequences.That’s true in politics and in life. You probably know me well enough to know that I don’t use my platform or this blog for politics. I’m not talking about politics here. I’m talking about life.

You see, an election, at its most raw meaning, is simply a choice (from the Latin “eligere”).

And when it comes to life, choices have consequences.

We know that. All of us can look back at our past choices and see how they have brought us to where we are today, both good and bad.

I know that God is sovereign and everything good in life comes from him. And in this sin-damaged world, sometimes bad things just happen. But the principle of sowing and reaping is a Biblical one, and it is true. Not all, but most of the things we face are the results of past decisions and behaviors. That’s true of the good things, and it’s true of the bad things. And these consequences affect us, our loved ones and others around us, as well as future generations. All choices have consequences and choices always have consequences.

Just after entering the promised land, Joshua reiterated this principle and he urged the Israelites, “Choose this day who you will serve.” He then reminded them how their choices will make a difference in their future and their children’s lives.

Choices have consequences.

What are the consequences, good and bad, in your life today because of choices you made years ago? More importantly, what choices are you making today that will impact the future? How is your current lifestyle going to affect your children ten to twenty years from now? What will be the consequences in your elderly years based on the choices you are making today?

Think through every aspect of your life and ask yourself those questions. What will be the outcome of the way I parent? Where will my marriage be fifteen years from now, based on the way I relate to my spouse today? How is the way I talk to my boss and coworkers going to impact my work environment in years to come? How is the way I use my time and how I spend my money going to affect my life in twenty years? What spiritual condition will I be in years from now based on the priority I give God in my life today?

The best thing about this principle is that it gives us a lot of say in how our lives turn out. We can get ahead of the consequences by making our choices accordingly, purposely thinking through what the outcomes will be before we make those decisions.

Because choices have consequences, think through the consequences before you choose.

2 Responses to Elections Have Consequences

  1. Linda G November 6, 2014 at 4:22 pm #

    Pastor Scott, this is a very thoughtful, profound message, thank you. You’ve given us excellent thoughts to reflect on. We’ve all regretted not taken the time to make better decisions. Your advice is very encouraging !

    I’m hearing 2/3rds of registered voters, did not, vote. Unfortunately we all have to suffer the results of only 1/3rd caring enough to vote. The consequences from the results of yesterday’s elections will haunt us well past our great grandchildrens lives. Those who didn’t vote who are able to vote but didn’t would do well to reconsider making the effort so that the outcome is a true comment on all of our desires for our Country. And they have no where to go with complaints when our politicians in power do not make decisions we can be proud of.

    Linda G

    • Scott Ziegler November 13, 2014 at 9:46 pm #

      Thanks, Linda.

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