The Best Way To Accomplish Nothing


I know that’s not what you really want. Everyone who has ever lived has had an internal desire to make a difference, to live in such a way that their lives will outlast their time on earth. And you’re no exception.

But a lot of people go through life without making any kind of impact. In your heart, you don’t want that to happen. But here’s how it often does.

No commitment is ever made to anything worthwhile, outside of their own consumption. So they never accomplish anything of lasting value.

Some people, in fact, live with an unstated goal, “Never commit to anything so that you can keep your options open.” They are afraid that if they make a commitment, they will lock themselves in. But in reality, by not making commitments, they lock themselves out.

Commitment is the first step to accomplishing anything of value. It is not the final step. It is not the secret to success, though it is a key ingredient. It is not a replacement for wise decision-making, hard work, good communication, or strong relationships. But it is where all these things begin, and what makes them fruitful. Without commitment, everything else is an ethereal thought process in someone’s dream world. Without an initial and ongoing commitment, all other activity is a muddle of expended energy that accomplishes virtually nothing in the end.

The road to realized dreams and accomplished intentions has been left unpaved for lack of commitment.

Making an impact, leaving a legacy, starts with commitment. 

Without commitment in my life, I’d have no marriage, I wouldn’t be enjoying my kids, and my ministry would be nonexistent. If it were not for the sacrificial commitments of others, we would not have our nation, this church would not exist, and your job would never have been created. We are all the beneficiaries of the commitments of others.

Making commitments is also Biblical for believers. We have examples throughout Scripture of godly men and women making heartfelt commitments to God, and then making sacrifices in order to keep them. We also have a plethora of people in Scripture making valuable commitments to one another. When you think about it, the most valuable things in our lives come about because we were first willing to make a commitment—marriage, kids, education, job, home purchase, and I could go on and on.

Commitment is a good thing. Commitments are serious, and should be thought through and made deliberately, with prayer and wisdom. But at some point, if our lives will make a difference, we have to step out and take the risk, stop dabbling, and dive in. Until we do, our lives are of little value. The realized significance of your life begins with the commitments you make.

“Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established” (Proverbs 16:3 ESV).

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