The Bridge Statement On The Election


The problems with politics in a democracy is that by it’s very nature we have to choose between imperfect people. Sometimes the choice is more stark than others, and sometimes it’s our background and upbringing that causes us to focus on the strengths or weaknesses of either candidate, causing us to view stark differences where others may not.

For the citizens of the kingdoms of this world, it’s understandable that they pick sides and swear allegiance to an imperfect candidate, and then have great animosity towards the “other” candidate, because this world is all they have and imperfect people are all they have to trust in. And so they tend to magnify the strengths of their political choice, minimize their weaknesses, and then denigrate the opposing candidate at every opportunity.

But in the church, we have been way too guilty of following the world’s lead and also placing our trust in flawed men and women and way too much faith in party politics, both on the left and the right, to deal with evil in this world, rather than looking to our God and eternal King.

That’s what our series in Daniel has been about. As Christians, we are not of this world. We are outsiders, and have been called to represent Jesus in everything and bless those in our culture, especially those we disagree with, all the while pointing people to the Gospel.

Now in the aftermath of this election, we get to find out if we really believe what we’ve been learning. There has been so much back and forth on social media: anger, fear, distrust of those who voted differently than they. It’s even to the point where Christians are writing articles and posts criticizing other Christians for posting words of hope and promises of God from Scripture.

There are areas of sensitivity that I think we have to acknowledge. You have to understand why some are greatly alarmed that a man who spoke so vindictively against anyone who disagreed with him, and then denigrated hard-working immigrants, and bragged about what most of us would consider sexual assault. If you cannot understand the alarm and concern that many have over his election now as our president elect, you are closing your ears and covering your eyes. Every follower of Jesus should have real concerns over these kinds behaviors in a democratically chosen national leader.

And we are called to bear one another’s burdens. Those who are feeling genuine fear over what they perceive to be an intensification of oppression against those who are marginalized, are very real in their feelings. Dismissing that fear or mocking those feelings only confirms what they are already feeling.

But on the other side, you have to understand that many believe that the greatest injustice of all time is the merciless killing of our most innocent and defenseless human lives in the womb. You have to understand why many of your brothers and sisters cannot bring themselves to vote for someone who admitted that she was in favor of the continued practice of late-term abortion, right up to the time of birth, something that we view as terribly inhumane and evil.

So every one of us went to the voting booth with real concerns, not only of the candidate we did not vote for, but also of the candidate we did vote for. In my case, I could not bring myself to vote for either and went third party. I’m only telling you that so that all of you will be upset with me and not just half of you.

I understand the struggle every one of you went through in going to the ballot box. Wanting to make a difference, yet not wanting to endorse the negatives of your candidate, you ultimately did what your conscience led you to do.

Now, will you give grace to your brothers and sisters who in sincerity of heart and love for God and their fellow man, also did what they believed that their conscience led them to do?

This is why we cannot put party politics above the Savior. Even if through political leaders we could make things better in the near future, without the message of Jesus, his death and resurrection for us, to reconcile us back to God, politics is absolutely temporary and could never solve the real problems of humanity. Only faith in Jesus will do that. He is the ONLY perfect candidate worthy of our allegiance.

We are of his Kingdom, He is our Savior, our Lord, and our King. And he has called us to peace, to love each other unconditionally, to understand one another, and bear each other’s burdens.

For everyone here––red blue or green. Please, think and pray before posting, commenting, sharing and liking. In fact, I challenge you to focus your social media toward what will make a difference moving forward––Jesus Christ and his love for all parties and candidates.

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  1. dodiedavis November 14, 2016 at 7:16 pm #

    I attended a half-day conference by David Wheaton(Christian and guest speaker, Travis Allen on this past Saturday morning. It was excellent and they voiced many of the same considerations you have done here. What resonated with me was their stressing that God is sovereign and Donald Trump is in this position by God’s decree. Our need today is for good, local, healthy, deep-rooted in the Word, churches. And we are to be about the Great Commission as always. And instead of criticism, prayer!

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